Friday, January 3, 2014

Word for 2014

This time of year, I, like many artists, select a word to remind us of a mindset we would like to focus on for the year.  This year my word is move.  Yeah, I am actually going to try to be a bit more active than I was in 2013.  This is because my age is manifesting itself with little painful reminders to my joints.  Hips, lower back, that sort of thing.  So, I am trying to slow it down a bit through the use of movement.  I did a search for exercises that concentrate on the areas that hurt me, picked the ones I felt I could do without major training, and started out.  I also set my timer on the iPhone that let's me know when it is time to get up from my book or the computer and move about a bit.  The muscles I did not have amazed me.  But what I discovered is that just a bit of workout a few times a day and they it takes more and more to actually give them a workout.  So, for three or four times a day for most days I am doing a few leg lifts to strengthen the muscles around my hips and the little twinges of pain have gone already!  Yay.  I am also doing some shoulder muscle strengthening and that led to a couple of underarm flab busters.  I feel better-more alert.  I tell me "for health" just do it. I am not one to return to doing the same thing over and over and have never felt I wanted to exercise to lose weight so I am not sure how this is going to work out but I am moving and that is good.  For now.  Hope your word of the year works for you!

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  1. Great word - and we all need to move more to maximize muscle strength and help our joints! My word is flexible - and I went back to ballet barre in September and haven't missed a week! But it is also to remind me to remain flexible with my goals - and let my passion determine my pathway this year.


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