Sunday, September 29, 2013

At Last

One of my favorite songs of all time is Etta Jame's version of At Last.  Today, the title is stuck in my head, as finally, FINALLY, I can say, my "house" improvement journey is ended at last!

 It started three years ago, this journey, with wanting to give the house a bit of an upgrade.  Keep it looking loved and cared for, you know?  The first step, which happened two summers ago, was to paint the outside.  Since we are retired, but like to do everything we can for ourselves, we painted, painted, and painted.  Not like "art" painting, just methodical coverage of area by area.  Three colors!  The house in a burnt sienna to blend in with the "desert" type hills we reside in and on.  Then, a lighter tan for the trim.  Then white for next to the windows and the doors.  After several months, finished!  Deep breath...the outside looks terrific, but the painters very tired of painting.  So, we took a break.

Next step, the interior.  Since we bought the house already completed, we did not have input on the paint on the inside of the house.  I fell immediately in love with the white walls (formally I lived in wood inside and out of the house so was dark) and all the windows, and LIGHT!  But, after living in the house not very long, I discovered the paint inside the house was more like flat primer.  YOU COULD NOT WASH IT!  Well, I come from the old school of enamel painted walls, where every early spring, starting in late February, spring cleaning started, and all the walls were washed down, giving the home a clean new smell, and look.  This practice came from the time when people used coal stoves to cook with and coal and wood heaters to heat with.  Had to wash the grime from everything!  But, after spring cleaning the interior was beautiful and good to go for another year.  We, again, started painting in January, was able to get the main living areas done before April, and decided to wait until fall to finish, as we want to be out in the yard when spring allows.  Again, put off until January, and then the painting continued, and then April happened again!  Finally, shopping for carpet and flooring and a date for installation forced us back to the painting, which was completed in August of this year!  Paint that is much more washable!

Then the complete moving out of all the furniture so new flooring could be installed.  Whew...that was quite a feat for two oldsters, lol.  The week after labor day, the flooring, new vynal and carpet was installed clear through the house.  Beautiful.  Since then, I have been slowly moving things back into the house, being very careful about what was returned.  Much has been rejected.  I love the new clean minimalist look now.   And very happy to say and think...AT LAST!

Now, I need a new project!  LOL

Here are the basic colors I have use inside...


  1. Great colors and I love the owl. Glad you are near the end.

  2. I was going to leave the same comments. Love the colors! I need help with color; a lot of help. These would make a great start. Thanks.


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