Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10, 2013-Cute Little Book

Another Carla inspired art activity.  I started with three pieces of scrap paper.  I folded the papers at random trying to make sure each was folded at a different spot so so the pages would peek out from each other.  I cut the each of the folded pieces edges a bit rounding and waverly, again each one differently.  Using my water color pencils, I then scribbled at random on the pages using random colors.   I then used a brush to wet the scribbles and blend the colors.  Once dry, I then tried to "see" what was in the colored "clouds."  Here are the pages to my little book.  Littlest car girl and I decided to title it "Opal Gets A Pet."

                                                             Opal Gets A Pet Cover

Opal is looking for a new pet.  She looked at a cat but it was too unfriendly

and she looked at a doxy but he was too barky

She looked at hairy dog but it was too itchy

And yeow, she looked at an elephant but it was too big!

She looked at a puppy but it's tail was too short

                                            She looked at a bird but it was too noisy

And she looked at another cat but it was too lazy

And finally, she found a tiny little puppy that just right for a girl about to turn six!


  1. Hi Carol,

    I love your little story book.


  2. Oh so sweet. Your story and illustrations should be published for children!!!


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