Friday, July 22, 2011

Old Ledger Pages Journals

Okay, as promised, the journals made from old ledger pages.  I found two very vintage ledgers while in Denver last March at a thrift shop.  The pages in one is two sizes so I made two sizes of journals from some of the pages.  The paper is quite heavy weight so should hold up well.  I took out some of the ledger pages, and had fun with spray ink mists and my stencils.  The covers I made from fabric scraps.  I love the feel and look of these journals!  I find I am tending to the soft covers over board covers.  Which do you like to use the best?

I have this female body stencil I cut out of a magazine that I like, and a head from a magazine too so I put them together.  Kind of-I don't know, ET ish?  lol.  And the little star is from a YSM find, from sizzix...a couple of punches and a little hammer.  Not sure about that yet but I tried it out and it punched through quite a few pages at once.  The #s are an alphbet stencil and the yellow is flowers.  These pages are pretty pastel so the writer/artist will be able to add their own touches to the pages.

More plastic stencil sheets and a face from a magazine...

Again, a face from a magazine and flower stencil...

Alphabet stencils and a bird from a magazine...layered as you can see.

Love the pastel colors!

Bird and such again...

And the cover... love the old pink hand repurposed crochet and the repurposed from a tea towel embroidered bird too!  Scraps, free motion sewing, and fun!

The larger sized cover still drying so no scan.
I have made about three or four more covers using up scraps from my sewing scraps tub.  How amazing it is to make something beautiful from what most people would throw (and have thrown, lol) away.


  1. You have been having just too much fun!! Very cool journals! Bet they sell at the Farmers' Market!!! They are lots of fun and inviting.

  2. I love how you can make wonderful art from all kinds of recycled things!

  3. Saw your note about your journals on the Yahoo group. Your pages look wonderful. I like the soft coloring and subtle outlines from the stencils. The It's coming along nicely. And your journals look great, too. Enjoyed it all!

  4. Carol, I love the old ledger page journal. The backgrounds are fantastic, soft colors and lovely to write on. You've been busy!

  5. Love the gentle touch you have added to ledger pages... creates a sort of dusty and mystical atmosphere.

  6. Wow it's awesome Carol! Your cover is just gorgeous.

  7. Loving all your journal work, Carol! Very impressive! Now if I could just stand my own handwriting, maybe I would make one for myself...

  8. I love all of these pages. The colors and the designs. Of course the bird really caught my eye. I've been in to a bird thing for a long time.
    These are wonderful and you are going to have such a great time working in them.

  9. Hi Carol,

    Wow you are really on a roll now. Love, love , love the journal pages and the fabric cover. I love birds (as you know) . :)
    I just uploaded more photos from my trip to Spain. Please visit my blog to see them and please leave a comment. :)
    Hugs and have a lovely weekend.

  10. Very cool!
    I love the soft effect you achieved. The pages are very inviting to write over without feeling like you're hiding the background!
    Love it

  11. Carol, this journal is fabulous! Each page is so very beautiful, and the cover is wonderful! Love it all!


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